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Ettore’s Corner

Ettore’s Philosophy

Only use 100% real butter.

Make products the artisan way… from scratch by hand.

Day old pastries are donated to charities, never resold the next day.

NEVER cut corners and skimp on quality or craftmanship

Always seek new ideas and products to dazzle our customers.

VOLUNTEER! Give back to the community that gives to you.

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Did you know...

  • Ettore's uses over 55,000 pounds of chocolate a year.
  • Ettore generously donates to countless charities locally and around the world, including volunteering his time and services traveling to such places such as El Salvador, Ukraine, and Albania teaching baking skills to the impoverished.
  • Sharing recipes and techniques, Ettore has appeared on television and radio, and in magazines and newspapers hundreds of times since opening the doors in 1985.
  • There really is an Ettore and you pronounce his name Eh-tore-ray (don't worry we ALL mispronounce it).
  • Due to our partnership with Nugget Markets, Ettore's produces over 100,000 8" cakes every year.
  • Ettore's sells over 7,000 pounds of coffee a year.
  • Searching the globe, Ettore's uses eleven different kinds of chocolate in the bakery from around the world.
  • Ettore's was awarded Best Burger in Sacramento by the Sacramento Bee (not bad for a European Bakery).
  • Ettore's uses over 40,000 pounds of butter a year.